The Benzie County Central Schools Education Foundation, Inc. (a 501(c)(3) organization) has one goal: Improving education over the long term. The Foundation is seeking an endowment fund of $500,000 by the year 2015. The interest from this fund will support established programs and assist in expansion to reach new goals. A sampling of these goals includes year round enrichment and recreational programming for all ages, additional scholarships, enhancement of current curriculum and the hosting of multicultural experiences such as an artist in residence.

Mission Statement

The mission of Benzie County Central Educational Foundations is to enhance the educational experience of the Benzie County Central Students.Through scholarships to graduating students, grants and special projects which encourage innovation and improve the learning experience of the Benzie County Central Schools, the Benzie County Educational Foundation provides long term benefits and lifelong learning opportunities to the students they serve.

The Board Of Directors

Benzie County Central Schools Educational Foundation
PO Box 74
Benzonia, MI 49616

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